Arriving on the third floor near you: Uni’s Wellness Room
Arriving on the third floor near you: Uni’s Wellness Room
Grace Williams-Kim December 1, 2023

All students have experienced days when school seems particularly stressful. They might need a few minutes of quiet, a place to reset, but it can be difficult to find this kind of space in the small building of Uni High.    Luckily,...

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Uni performers reflect on this year’s six StudProd shows
Simrah Khan November 17, 2023

Each year, Uni’s theater department puts on its student-run production, known as StudProd. The annual production contains multiple shows, which are all written, directed, acted, and presented by Uni students. This year,...

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The Gymnasts and the English Department
Addison Wright October 24, 2023

Uni’s in an unusual circumstance of being forced into Kenney Gym from lack of space in the main building. Kenney Gym just so happens to be where the UIUC gymnasts practice, as well. When they practice upstairs, they create...

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Agora Week sees behind-the-scenes changes
Simrah Khan September 28, 2023

As First Quarter draws to a close, some students may be getting ready to start proposing their Agora classes for Agora Week in mid-February.  However, there’s been a change in how the Agora committee selects class proposals...

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Why Uni's math department uses a different grading system
Sophia Jiaxin Chen, Reporter • September 21, 2023

When I first learned about Uni’s math grading system in Math 2, I remember thinking: But why can’t it just be normal?? Compared to the other departments, who used the percentage scores, rubrics, and...

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January 2, 2023
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How did Uni sports teams get new uniforms?
Luca Zepeda September 19, 2023

For the past two seasons, Uni High athletic teams have been sporting brand-new uniforms in their competitions. This substantial change, which sparked financial questions and has highly impacted Uni High teams, is primarily...

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