Uni’s century celebration is coming up. Here’s what you should know
Inniyew Tesfaw, Writer • September 29, 2022

Uni High will be kicking off its Century Celebration with an Opening Convocation on Friday, October 14th. The Celebration weekend will consist of a Sock Hop dance for alumni, a “State of the UNIon” address given by...

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College Majors: STEM and Non-STEM majors after Uni
Knox Mynatt, totally professional journalist • May 24, 2022

Along with interviews with current Uni students, the 7th-period journalism class got to talk with some of the school’s alumni about why they chose their major and what forces outside of Uni led them to choose the path they...

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Opinion: Why does Uni value STEM majors more than humanities?
Rowan Trilling-Hansen May 18, 2022

One of the phrases that I’ve heard a lot throughout my time at Uni is “Everyone thinks Uni is a STEM school but…” Interestingly, I never hear phrases like “Uni is a STEM school,” or “I came to Uni for STEM.”...

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Big Show Returns To its Roots: Adding New Acts to the Beloved Event
Luke Fahnestock May 6, 2022

As Uni’s X-Week draws to a close, excitement for the concluding festivities of Big Show grows. As most students know, X-Week is a fundraising event which occurs once a year, near the end of the 2nd semester. Every year,...

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Fluffy slime triumphs over Gak and oobleck
Fluffy slime triumphs over Gak and "oobleck"
Jake R, Slime Enthusiast • April 8, 2022

In this enthralling Uni High Gargoyle video, we dig into the pros and cons of different kinds of gooey materials by creating and reviewing them ourselves. Chaos ensued. Do try this at home. Music credits:...

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Uni sports team dominates the season
Alan C. May 2, 2022

Sports Update Girls Soccer During the middle-late period of the girl's soccer season, the team has accumulated 7 wins with 6 losses, making up a near 54% win rate. Their last game was on April 28th against Authur Christian...

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