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About the Gargoyle

The Gargoyle is the school newspaper of University of Illinois Laboratory High School in Urbana, Illinois. It was founded in 1953, and switched from paper to online in 2007. It is named after the statues on the school building.

Currently, students who are freshmen and older can sign up to take Journalism as an elective class. Journalism is taught by Carol Lombardi. The following is a description of the class from the 2017-18 Curriculum Guide:

The journalism class is a hands-on, writing-intensive class where students participate in every aspect of producing Uni High’s school newspaper, the Gargoyle. Students learn to tell compelling stories in traditional and multimedia formats, to edit their own and others’ work, to conduct research and interviews and to take photos. In addition to the hands-on work, there is a classroom component that involves reading both good and bad journalism, discussing current issues in the media and exploring the First Amendment and media law.

Students are responsible for all content on the Gargoyle and its various social medias.

About Uni High

University Laboratory High School is a selective admission, public, laboratory school sanctioned by the State of Illinois and associated with the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The school serves academically talented students, residing in Illinois, from the subfreshman level (combined 7th and 8th grades) through high school.

University Laboratory High School, or Uni High, or just Uni, was established in 1921 and is a laboratory school located on the campus of the University of Illinois in Urbana, Illinois. Its enrollment is approximately 300 students, spanning five years (the traditional 9th through 12th grades, preceded by a composite 7th and 8th grade year known as the “subfreshman” year). The school is notable for the achievements of its alumni, including three Nobel laureates, a Pulitzer Prize winner, and a winner of Rupaul’s Drag Race; in 2006 and 2007 it was recognized as a “public elite” school by Newsweek because of its students’ high scores on the SAT.

Uni is a publicly-funded but competitive enrollment school. It receives support from general state aid per student, but not from local property taxes.

For more information, please see the official Uni High website: uni.illinois.edu.

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