Freshman letters prompt discussion about stress

Maher Adoni, Alice Gao, Isabela Lleras, and Prithika Ravi

April 22, 2019

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Recently, Freshman teacher Steve Rayburn assigned his English class a thought-provoking new writing assignment. Students were told to address their anxieties and struggles that they faced at Uni through anonymous letters sent ...

Freshman stress letters

April 22, 2019

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The Gargoyle has decided to publish excerpts from two anonymous letters penned by members of the Class of 2022. These letters have been published with their express permission.  LETTER 1 Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),   …As ...

Uni should have a later start time

Isabela Lleras, Editor

December 18, 2018

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Uni should start school at 9 a.m. instead of 8 a.m. While this may seem entirely self-serving because I personally hate waking up early, there is good scientific research supporting this idea. Both the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) a...

Three things Uni students want their parents to teach them

Abraham Han, Editor

September 14, 2018

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Near the end of the semester last year, journalism students were asked to write about ways that the student body, faculty, and parents could change. These three points came up in students’ reflections about how parents could...

Uni goers share their thoughts on Ramadan

Ahmad Bobat and Nusayb Mansury

May 17, 2018

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Ramadan began yesterday, Wednesday, and Muslims across the globe, including students at Uni, are fasting and will be fasting for an entire month. Ramadan is a month of the Muslim lunar calendar, and the first day of fasting wa...

Senior Reflection: Living with an eating disorder at Uni

Umar Hanif, Editor

May 17, 2018

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There’s never been a point in my life where I haven’t been chubby. At the point where the rest of you had started to lose your baby fat, I just replaced it with adult fat.   Consequently, there’s also never been a po...

Uni tries to balance humanities and STEM

Faizah Rauther

May 15, 2018

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Uni has a reputation for being a more STEM focused school. However, when interviewed, majority of students said that they felt that humanities at Uni are as good, if not better, than the science and math departments. They felt...

Is Uni a good school for students with learning differences?

Anya Kaplan-Hartnett, Writer

May 15, 2018

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For almost a century, Uni has been recognized as one of the top high schools in the area. Uni’s vision is to work towards “encouraging a culture of creativity, thinking outside conventional boundaries, and pursuing learni...

Seniors: looking back and looking ahead

Kristine Wang and Neha Aluru

May 15, 2018

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As the end of the school year approaches, the graduating class of 2018 spends their last few days in the halls of Uni High, their home for the past five years. While preparing for the next stage in their lives, they reflect on...

Why can’t we take mental illness seriously?

Emma Loewenstein, Writer

May 15, 2018

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“I’d rather die.” “Kill me.” “So triggered.” “Go kill yourself.” “I just had like three panic attacks.” “That’s depressing.” “I literally couldn’t get out of bed this morning.” I...