Students comment on stress & competition at Uni

October 7, 2019

Whether it’s leading clubs, organizing fundraisers, or just trying to keep up with all the assignments and tests, there is one thing Uni students all can agree on – school can be very, very stressful. Additionally, the academic...

Uni students weigh in on school rules

Ian Evensen, Staff Writer

September 18, 2019

What if you had control over Uni's rules? What rules would you add or take away? Ten Uni students were asked to come up with one rule they would add to Uni and one rule they would subtract from Uni. Here were their responses: ...

Self-Care: A Necessity (Nanopinions)

Mayahuel Malik, Staff Writer

May 21, 2019

Uni students need to take better care of themselves. At a school with such high levels of stress, self-care needs to be a priority for students to better their mental, physical, and emotional health. The definition of “self-care” varies fro...

Uni’s Unique Clique Circumstances (Nanopinions)

Prithika Ravi, Staff Writer

May 21, 2019

Cliques seem to be a persistent problem in high schools around the country, with them constantly appearing in media as these leeches of society feeding off of negativity. Uni largely seems to be an exception to the destructive social e...

The “New” Bells (Nanopinions)

Srijan Shukla, Staff Writer

May 20, 2019

The change of Uni’s bell-tone earlier this year was one that almost immediately met with backlash from the vast majority of students and even some faculty, but has now fallen out of the limelight as many have come to terms with...

Bring Back Uni Chess

Tim Cho, Staff Writer

May 17, 2019

As an elementary schooler in Charleston, a town about an hour south of Urbana, I went to the library on Wednesday summer afternoons to play chess. One of the people I used to play against a lot was a high schooler on Charlest...

Uni kids aren’t special (Nanopinions)

Isabela Lleras

May 9, 2019

Part of the series Nanopinions: Bite-sized Hot Takes I believe that getting accepted into Uni for most kids is a life-changing experience. Uni seems to be either a place where they really want to go because it is like “Hogwar...

Editorial: The problem with Uni StudCo (Nanopinions)

Alice Gao, Staff Writer

May 7, 2019

Part of the series Nanopinions: Bite-sized Hot Takes Every year, the students of Uni elect representatives for StudCo. Every year, the feedback loop of promises, frustration, and apathy continue with little change. It’s no secr...

SOS: Uni in need of places to cry (Nanopinions)

Mayahuel Malik, Staff Writer

May 6, 2019

Part of the series Nanopinions: Bite-sized Hot Takes Uni has no places to cry or just get away from people. When you need to be alone for a moment there is literally nowhere to go. With all of the stress at Uni, sometimes ...

The sad truth behind the freshman stress letters (Nanopinions)

The Gargoyle Staff

May 2, 2019

Part of the series Nanopinions: Bite-sized Hot Takes Recently the freshman class wrote anonymous stress letters as an assignment for their English class and sent them to parents. Faculty also had a chance to read the letters...

Liberate Uni’s Thermostats (Nanopinions)

Annette Lee, Editor

May 1, 2019

Part of the series Nanopinions: Bite-sized Hot Takes In many of the rooms, the thermostats are covered with a plastic case that can only be removed with the aid of a key. This is useless. First of all, some teachers don...