Rating TV shows I couldn’t finish

Because of the ongoing pandemic, staying at home and watching Netflix has become a regular routine for me and many others. Today, I will be reviewing four shows I could not finish and why. 

2/10 Gilmore Girls 

The show Gilmore Girls takes viewers through the life of Rory and Lorelei, a mother daughter duo who live in a small town called Stars Hollow. Personally, I thought the show was extremely boring with irritating main characters. The main characters, Rory and Lorelai both frequently use their childhood to justify mindless decisions they make. For example, Lorelai had a troubled teenage history with her parents. They were extremely disappointed when Lorelei got pregnant with Rory as a teenager, and as a result, she left their house. Twenty years later, she is still unable to forgive her parents, and often brings up this history when they do something she doesn’t like. Another problem with this show is its pace and plot. If someone asked me what happened after an episode or asked for a recap of a season, I could not give them an answer. Even now, I do not remember anything from the show except Rory’s whining about boys. I need some action and complex characters in the shows I watch, but I do admit this show is perfect if you want a show that does not involve much thinking. 

6/10 American Horror Story (AHS)

This show includes complex characters, plot lines, or anything Gilmore Girls lacks. However, this show is too complicated. I watched about 8 episodes of the first season, before I stopped watching the show altogether. Throughout those 8 episodes, I was very confused about what occurred or what direction the plot was going in. For each episode, I literally had to search up the WikiHow AHS recaps of the episodes to understand what I watched. I do not think AHS is a bad show itself, but I cannot watch a show that mentally confuses and strains my brain. Maybe someday I will try to get into this show again, but based on my first expression I’m unsure what I would miss if I didn’t.

8/10 Criminal Minds

This show is pretty good. It has a consistent plot each episode with a multitude of complex characters. However, I think that consistency also brings its downfall. I watched 4 seasons before I got bored of the repetitive, detective solves murder in the episode plot. I get that solving murders is the point of the show, but I would have liked a deeper insight into the characters. I wish I learned more about the character’s backstories, and the personal relationships they formed with people on the team outside of their job. For me, Criminal Minds focused too much on the theme and not enough of the character. At times, I felt like I was watching a criminal documentary on PBS rather than a TV show on netflix. 

3/10 The Vampire Diaries

I actually finished all 8 seasons of this show, but it was very underwhelming. A lot of my friends really liked this show, but I personally was not a huge fan. The main character Elena is extremely annoying, probably even more than Rory, which shows how immensely irritating Elena’s character was. I hated how Elena’s friends were always willing to die and kill for her, but Elena could not pay one ounce of attention to her friends when they were struggling. Elena’s friends deserved so much better. The writers also thought it was a great idea to kill off their love interests at any given time. I wish I could get the time I spent watching this show back. It is not a bad show, but there are definitely better supernatural plot lines out there. 


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