Uni High Sports in the 2022-23 Season

Uni High sports in the 2022-2023 seasons were enjoyed by many and helped students grow in skill, confidence, and leadership. Here is a run-through of notable occurrences from each team!


XC: Seniors (honorary)

Boys Soccer: Teo Chemla & Noah La Nave

Girls Volleyball: Lisa Spencer & Larissa Dolcos

Girls Swimming: Andrea Toerlli, Anya Troyer, Amalia Bollero, & Emma Donnini

Boys Basketball: Teo Chemla & John Brownridge

Girls Basketball: Amalia Bollero, Emma Murawski, & Mikayla Blanke

Boys Tennis: Taehan Lee & Aryan Sachdev

Girls Soccer: Mikayla Blanke, Clara Wood, Florence Lin, Zoya Ahmad, & Lisa Spencer

Track & Field: Seniors (honorary)

Subbie XC: N/A

Subbie Basketball: N/A

Subbie Track & Field: N/A


XC: Multiple 1st place finishes

Boys Soccer: 10-6-5

Girls Volleyball: 5-15

Girls Swimming: No 1st place finishes, up to 2nd places

Boys Basketball: 6-17

Girls Basketball: 14-13

Boys Tennis: Won most games

Girls Soccer: 3-10-2

Track & Field: Multiple 1st place finishes

Subbie XC: No 1st place finishes

Subbie Basketball: Multiple wins

Subbie Track & Field: Multiple 1st place finishes


XC: Pasta parties & Tucsola meet

Boys Soccer: Winning against a team 16-0

Girls Volleyball: JV winning 3rd in a tournament and the mid-season pool party

Girls Swimming: Getting swimsuits in the wrong color

Boys Basketball: JV breaking their season-long losing streak

Girls Basketball: Senior night and the Comet Class tournament

Boys Tennis: N/A

Girls Soccer: Half of the players and observers crying at the Urbana game due to weather

Track & Field: Going on “Scream Runs”

Subbie XC: Getting to know each other and getting PR’s

Subbie Basketball: Getting study halls and playing old teammates

Subbie Track & Field: Trying out new events


Girls Volleyball: Lisa Spencer broke the record of most assists in one match with 26 assists

Boys Soccer & Girls Swimming: Most seniors on a team (13 each)

Girls Basketball: Emma Murawski broke the record of most steals in one season with 123 steals

Girls Soccer: Most players on a team (46)

Track & Field: Kate Ahmari committed to Cornell ‘27 for Track & Field

Many students participated in our sports programs this year and were able to create long-lasting memories, bonds, knowledge, and skills. Please look forward to this upcoming season!