Ranking contestants in the latest season of “The Great British Baking Show”


Warning: Spoilers

The Great British Baking Show is a popular series on Netflix. I only recently finished the latest season of this comfort show. By the end, I always find myself immersed in the show rooting for my favorite contestants. However, there are always some who I’m not as fond of.

In the ranking of the 2021 contestants, Tom is in place twelve, followed closely by Jairzeno in eleventh. I honestly forgot about both of them as they were kicked out early in the season because they could not bake.

Maggie is in tenth place and Amanda is in ninth place for me. They seemed to just slip by the eliminations. They were kind of annoying and weren’t great bakers so I kept hoping that they would get kicked off sooner.

George and Chigs are ranked eighth and seventh, respectively. George seemed like a good baker and was fairly entertaining, however I sometimes forget about him. He’s not great but also not bad. Chigs only started baking during lockdown which is pretty impressive especially considering how far he got. The only reason he’s not ranked higher is because I found other contestants more compelling.

For sixth and fifth place, I would rank Roshica and Freya. I wish Roshica would have stayed longer so we could see more of her baking. Freya is incredibly interesting, she’s the only vegan baker and it’s cool to see all her unique creations. However I am disappointed that she got kicked off before “free from” week, which she would have done well in. On a side note, her accent in particular is so fun to listen to, especially how she says cappuccino.

The final four! In fourth place I put Crystelle, she was funny and in general, a good contestant. She had a few problems early on, but most of her creations turned out incredibly neat and beautiful. On the flip side, Lizzy is number three for me. It was an ongoing joke that she lacked “finesse,” as her bakes were at times messy. She definitely had her ups and downs, but it was fun to watch her baking evolve. I think she was incredibly entertaining and always has a creative idea for each challenge.

For the controversial top two, I ranked Giuseppe in second, and Jürgen in first. Giuseppe is clearly a wonderful baker and deserves his spot on the show. It definitely makes sense that he won. The only reason he’s not ranked first for me is because I think Jürgan was better. He was by far my favorite contestant, and I was rooting for him from the beginning. Both Giuseppe and Jürgan are calm and make the show relaxing.

I highly recommend watching the Great British Baking show on Netflix if I didn’t spoil everything. It’s a lovely, wholesome tv show that I always get way too into. Now that I’ve finished this season, I can’t wait for the next one!