Red Velvet: The queens are back at it again


Red Velvet, a 5-member K-pop girl group, has just released a new mini-album called “The ReVe Festival – Feel My Rhythm”! The mini-album has 6 songs, “Feel My Rhythm”, “Rainbow Halo”, “Beg For Me”, “BAMBOLEO”, “Good, Bad, Ugly”, and “In My Dreams”, and clocks in at about 20 minutes – perfect to listen to in one sitting. I found this mini-album to be a bit different from the other albums in the ReVe Festival series, but it still has Red Velvet’s iconic, sparkly sound, which made me enjoy it as much as I did the others. 

Each track from the mini-album has a different vibe, catering to people who listen to different genres of music, while still staying with a cohesive theme. My favorite tracks from the mini-album are “Feel My Rhythm” and “In My Dreams”. “Feel My Rhythm” combines classical with pop, sampling Bach’s “Air on G String” and including an epic trap beat. I really liked the combination of the two, although the two genres are quite different from each other, and it made the song unique in its own way. “In My Dreams” has a dreamy sound, as the title infers. It is a calming song, while also still sounding upbeat. I liked this song because of the instrumental accompanied by the girls’ airy vocals. 

Overall, I loved listening to this album a lot, and I think that Red Velvet has outdone themselves yet again. I’m excited to see what other projects they have in the future. I would really recommend this album to anyone who is interested and I would also recommend listening to the rest of Red Velvet’s discography whenever you get the chance.