Oklahoma! musical sold out for all performances

Saahithi Maturi

April 16, 2018

This year, the annual Uni spring musical was Oklahoma! which had showings Wednesday through Saturday. The tickets were gone quickly and each performance sold out. The musical is about “Oklahoma before it’s a state and just...

Uni’s Scholastic Bowl team win state championship tournament

Saahithi Maturi, Editor

February 17, 2018

The Scholastic Bowl team consisting of junior Tim Cho, sophomore Ethan Ashbrook, sophomore Dylan Bowman, and freshman Jonathan Lau won first place at the National Academic Quiz Tournament State Championship (NAQT). By winning...

Students dress up for Halloween!

Saahithi Maturi, Editor

November 7, 2017

Wearing costumes to school is a yearly tradition that students greatly enjoy. On Halloween day students dressed up to show off their costumes and participate in the costume contest during lunch. Subfreshman Stefania Dzhaman as Coralin...

Swimmers kneel for the national anthem

Saahithi Maturi

October 18, 2017

The swim team made a statement during the senior night meet on October 11th by kneeling during the national anthem. “We don’t agree with a lot of the things that are going on in America right now. That’s why we decided...

Teachers share reactions to students sleeping during class

Saahithi Maturi

September 28, 2017

Long nights and tiring days make it common for Uni students to sleep during school. Lunches, free periods, and Uni periods are times when students have the freedom to do so. Yet sometimes, kids can’t help but fall asleep du...

How students and teachers feel about English in Kenney

Nicole Southey

September 15, 2017

Students and teachers have been having English class in Kenney for three years now. Teachers seem to like their offices in Kenney, and students are getting used to the walk. Both Kathleen Rodems and Stephen Rayburn say that the walk betwe...

“Grinding” rule brought to light for future Uni dances

Saahithi Maturi

September 7, 2017

At the annual handbook meeting, Assistant Director Karl Radnitzer decided to bring to light the no-grinding rule. In addition, Radnitzer sent an email to subbie parents that grinding was not permitted. In the meeting and t...

Illinois Marathon 5k leaves positive reactions

Saahithi Maturi

May 12, 2017

On April 21st, Uni students ran the Illinois Marathon 5k in place of the Not Your Average Joe 5k. This change was due to financial reasons. “Human Kinetics… always sponsored 5k and they informed… that because of cutba...

Tennis preview article

March 29, 2017

The tennis team is sure to cause a racket this season. This year, IHSA changed the playing division into 1A and 2A from a single class, so Uni will no longer be playing against bigger schools. Sophomore Sam Li looks forward to this chang...

Seniors Anthony Wu and Lark Moreno to present invention at biophysics conference

Lia Dankowicz and Saahithi Maturi

February 6, 2017

Seniors Lark Moreno and Anthony Wu created a new invention called STORMlite which they will be presenting at the 61st Annual Biophysical Society Meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana on February 13. Their invention is essentia...