Oklahoma! musical sold out for all performances

This year, the annual Uni spring musical was Oklahoma! which had showings Wednesday through Saturday. The tickets were gone quickly and each performance sold out.

The musical is about “Oklahoma before it’s a state and just being western, and a romance between a cowboy and a girl on a farm,” said senior Vikram Perry, who played Curly.

The musical, which was written in the 1940s, is quite dated.

“The show itself is kind of old so it has some sexism and racism but I hope we can portray it in a negative light during the performances,” said junior Sarah Grosse Perdekamp, who played Laurey.

According to Perdekamp, the music is the best part of the show.

Perry agreed with Perdekamp. “I like the music… I think there are things about it that are very clearly dated in a semi-frustrating way… I still think it will be a good performance,” says Perry.

Director Chris Guyotte believed the best way to play the racist and sexist stereotypes was to play them honestly.

“These are the characters we have and we can’t change them, but what we can do is play them honestly and make them real people instead of playing the stereotype,” said Guyotte.

In light of show’s success, the performers and musicians will be performing a few songs from the setlist Uni Period Monday.