How students and teachers feel about English in Kenney

Students and teachers have been having English class in Kenney for three years now. Teachers seem to like their offices in Kenney, and students are getting used to the walk.

Both Kathleen Rodems and Stephen Rayburn say that the walk between Uni and Kenney is nice and peaceful. “It’s doable,” says Rayburn. In the winter when it is very cold, they added that it is possible to walk through DCL, making the walk less unpleasant.

English classes are held in 202 Kenney. Rayburn says it is nice that the room is only used for English so he can put up posters. “It’s a little dingy,” says Rayburn, adding that when the windows are open it is noisy because of all the traffic, “but on the whole, it’s a nice big room.”

For some teachers, like Rodems, they have an office in Kenney, but teach in Uni. Rodems says that one disadvantage is that students are less likely to go to Kenney to ask questions. “I would prefer to have an office in Uni.” Although, Rodems says having an office at Kenney is quiet, which helps her get more work done.

Both teachers talk about how the office itself is nice. “I don’t need a lot more space than I have” says Rodems. “We all have our own area, we have room for our little conference situation,” says Rayburn.

Most students say that they have gotten used to the walk between Uni and Kenney, but that it is annoying having to walk to Kenney and back twice a day.

“I’d rather not do it especially in the winter…I’d rather have English in Uni,” says sophomore Nicolas Ramkumar.

Overall students didn’t mind the classroom itself.  

“When you open the windows it’s loud, a lot of traffic because of its location but other than that it’s fine,” Ramkumar says.

Although there are positives and negatives to having offices and class in Kenney, many students and teacher say they are used to it and are fine with the way it is now.