Another way to pass the time during Corona: Video Games

Featuring Minecraft

A Minecraft Build

Another Minecraft Build


If you haven’t gone completely crazy with cabin fever just yet, surely you must be looking for something more to do other than read, bake, learn guitar, or whatever other hobbies you’ve picked up in an attempt to pass the endless time we have. Some of us who are already accustomed to sitting inside and doing nothing all day, might have the perfect way to help relieve your boredom: video games! It’s the perfect way to have fun, interact, and talk with your friends—all while maintaining a safe distance of 6 feet! Over the next week, we’ll be letting you in on a list of our favorite games for this occasion.

The first game on our list is a classic that we bet all students at Uni have played before, maybe as a child or sometime throughout their time at Uni, and so it should be no surprise when the first game on our list is the all time best selling sandbox game: Minecraft. 

As a multiplatform online sandbox game, the potential play time of the game is off the charts. You can literally do whatever you want, from farming in your own survival world, to Player versus Player combat on online megaservers with hundreds of thousands of people. You, as the theme goes, ‘Choose your own adventure’. Here are some more things that you can do in Minecraft:

  • Explore the infinite world! Express your creativity and build beautiful buildings using whatever theme you might like. (Image provided)
  • Adventure Maps, where extensive community made maps send you off on an adventure (Sometimes with friends!) for hours of quests, stories, and fun.
  • Megaservers, most notably Hypixel and Mineplex. These 2 servers are always crowded with people ready to play whatever you might think of. Call some friends and play their dozens of mini-games.
  • Start up your own server with a few friends. Our current senior class (and the subbies as well), have annually created minecraft servers where everyone hops on and has fun. Highly recommend giving this a shot.
  • Mod-packs. Mods are minecraft add-ons that alter the gameplay, adding incredible new features such as new plants, technology, industrial age machines, and honestly whatever you like. If you wish that something was added to the game, there probably exists a mod for it. Some notable modpacks to try out are Skyfactory and Stone Block. (A modpack is a bunch of individual mods that are brought together to create a new experience)

If you haven’t checked out Minecraft yet, it’s incredibly easy to learn and we highly recommend you grab a group of friends and start playing!