Another way to pass the time during Corona: Video Games

Kevin Li and Matty Tang, Senior Student Journalists

April 6, 2020

  If you haven’t gone completely crazy with cabin fever just yet, surely you must be looking for something more to do other than read, bake, learn guitar, or whatever other hobbies you’ve picked up in an attempt to pass the...

A look into how often Uni students cry

Rithika Patnam

March 31, 2020

Walking down the halls of Uni, a student will inevitably hear talk of crying. Crying is glorified by Uni students, almost as something to brag about. With students saying things like, “I cried for two hours last night” or ...


The Best Bubble Milk Tea

October 30, 2019

Foosball at Uni

Foosball at Uni

September 25, 2019

Editorial: The problem with Uni StudCo (Nanopinions)

Alice Gao, Staff Writer

May 7, 2019

Part of the series Nanopinions: Bite-sized Hot Takes Every year, the students of Uni elect representatives for StudCo. Every year, the feedback loop of promises, frustration, and apathy continue with little change. It’s no secr...

Freshman letters prompt discussion about stress

Maher Adoni, Alice Gao, Isabela Lleras, and Prithika Ravi

April 22, 2019

Recently, Freshman teacher Steve Rayburn assigned his English class a thought-provoking new writing assignment. Students were told to address their anxieties and struggles that they faced at Uni through anonymous letters sent ...

Spirit Week assembly a success despite initial confusion

Catherine Guo, Alice Gao, and Grace Juhn

February 1, 2019

Every year, Uni High hosts a spirit week where students and faculty dress up according to daily themes. A spirit assembly wraps up the week. This year, along with changed events, music played over intercoms, and the addition of ...

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