The new food truck across the street: Juanito’s Old School Tacos

Pre-covid Uni was a place on campus where food trucks thrived. Not only were they a good location for business, but they also gave Uni Students many options when considering where to eat. Once the Covid-19 Pandemic began, conditions became rough and it was inevitable for these businesses to shut down. Today, we are beginning to see food trucks slowly come back to Uni. Juanito’s Old School Tacos, in specific, is a newer food truck that has been appearing during lunch on North Mathews Avenue. In this article, I will be going over some food items from Juanito’s Old School Tacos and will be rating them accordingly.

Juanito’s Old School Tacos main food items include tacos, quesadillas, and burritos with beverages such as Mango soda, Guava soda, etc. For this trip I purchased a pork burrito with Guava soda totaling to $15 which I found to be expensive for just burrito and drink. Though when I first looked at the burrito, it looked pretty large compared to other restaurants that offered the same thing. Along with the food I also received chili sauce and guacamole dip.


Guava Soda-

Guava soda is just as it sounds. Guava juice made into a carbonated soda drink. In my opinion, (possibly due to the fact that I love guava juice), it was unquestionably good and it tasted nice in between bites. However, I would prefer normal guava juice over the soda version any time. 


Pork Burrito-

The pork burrito was honestly huge considering other food trucks I have been to. It is made of rice, lettuce, cheese, pork, and tomato all wrapped up into one tortilla. At first bite, I realized that they put too much cheese on it. Which is fine in most cases, but then came the meat. The pork was mediocre at best. Too chewy and a bland taste is the only way I could describe it. The sauces saved it though. Chili sauce was a good middle between good taste and spicy, but the guacamole was better. It tasted great with the burrito.


My final review: 7/10


With a total of $15, I was honestly disappointed. The price wasn’t the main problem, it was mostly the meat that made me score so low. It scores a 7 because these problems are not too difficult to fix. The burrito truly has the potential to be an 8-10/10 food item. For now, you should consider trying other items on the menu at Juanito’s Old School Tacos.