Rating controversial sweets

When I think of controversial topics, desserts don’t immediately come to mind. However, it turns out I, like many other people, have some pretty strong opinions on certain sweets. 

Lofthouse cookies (0/10)

I often see Uni students walking down the hall with a brightly colored Lofthouse cookie. Without fail, I always wonder what they see–or taste–in the cookie that makes them choose to eat it. In my opinion, Lofthouse cookies are the worst cookies you can eat. The cookie part has the texture of fine sawdust (and tastes like it too), and the colorful icing is grainy and overly sweet. It’s possible the sprinkles are the best part. When classmates hear my opinion, the ones who enjoy the cookies will bring up their childhood, citing nostalgia as the attractive aspect of the cookie. Maybe I dislike Lofthouse cookies because I never ate them as a child, or maybe I dislike them because they are truly bland and boring cookies. 

Mint chocolate chip ice cream (7/10)

Up until recently, I was not aware people did not like mint chocolate chip ice cream. According to people who dislike it, the flavor “tastes like toothpaste.” I’m not entirely sure what toothpaste they’re using or what ice cream they’re eating, but neither item has ever reminded me of the other. Although mint chocolate chip ice cream is not the best flavor of ice cream out there, I think it’s refreshingly minty on a warm, summer day. 

Frosting on cupcakes (5/10)

Most store-bought cupcakes are piled high with swirls of sugary frosting. I think the frosting tends to be too sweet and generally too much as it overwhelms the cake and leaves an unpleasant aftertaste. I would prefer a cupcake with about half as much frosting for the amount of cake. However, I must admit, if I was handed a cupcake with a ton of frosting, I would probably still eat it. These cupcakes do evoke memories of school birthday parties, so it’s possible I view them in a more favorable light than I do Lofthouse cookies. 

There are many other controversial sweets out there, but hopefully I set the record straight on these three. Maybe next time you’ll reconsider eating Lofthouse cookies or ditching mint chocolate ice cream.