Uni students share conflicting thoughts about Valentine’s Day

February 14th was Valentine’s Day! Celebrated by many, this special day allows people to show true affection for their loved ones. 

However, a large number of people have mixed feelings about the holiday. Whether it be due to their distaste for PDA, or belief that Valentine’s Day holds too much value on romantic relationships, the meaning and relevance of the day continues to be highly debated. 

Uni High student Hannah Song stated her distaste for the holiday, saying that, “I absolutely despise Valentine’s Day, because I just feel like every time I see romantic partners they are just so cringey.” The special day has even caused the sophomore physical pain, as she expressed, “I think it should be a banned holiday because it is just very upsetting to my stomach.”

On the other hand, Mengtong Liu, another sophomore, believes Valentine’s Day is such a wonderful holiday that another celebration should be created to go with it. “We should make another day for platonic relationships,” she stated, and when asked about what the day would be called, she came up with the idea of “Palentine’s Day,” to represent all the good pals out there.

Although it appears our students may have opinions that are on opposite ends of the spectrum, everyone agrees that they (unsurprisingly) enjoy the large amount of sweets that come with the holiday, according to interviews.

All in all, holidays typically grant some sort of happiness to most people, so I hope that everyone had a wonderful time, no matter what they were doing to celebrate (or not)!