Should You Eat at Seoul Taco?

Seoul Taco, a Korean-Mexican fusion restaurant on Sixth Street, has a simple menu with items that skillfully combine elements of both nationalities. The restaurant’s location is perfect for Uni students since many of them head to campus to eat. At first glance, Seoul Taco has an inviting exterior, with colorful decor and bright lights that make the restaurant stand out. Inside, people are greeted by vivid red walls, artwork, and good music.

While the look of the restaurant is enticing, the main attraction is the food. The menu’s entrees include tacos, burritos, quesadillas, gogi bowls, and nachos. Out of the five entrees on the menu, I decided to order a bulgogi taco and nachos.

The tacos are the most well-known item on the Seoul Taco menu. They cost $3 for one, or $8 for a taco trio. The tacos consist of salad mix, green onion, sesame seeds, Seoul Taco’s special sauce, and a wedge of lime. Since I asked for bulgogi on my taco, it was served with the popular Korean beef. The sauce provided a hint of spice to the taco, the lime added a citrus taste, and the bulgogi had some sweetness. Every time I took a bite of the taco, all of these flavors combined very well together, and it was like a flavor explosion in my mouth. I would highly recommend that people going to Seoul Taco for the first time to order a taco.

If I had to describe the nachos in one word, it would be: amazing. The size of the dish was quite large, and I was able to share my nachos with one other person without my stomach feeling empty afterward. The dish cost $8 which, in my opinion, is a pretty decent price for what you get. The tortilla chips were drizzled in queso blanco, chopped green onion, toasted sesame seeds, sour cream, and kimchi, which together provide a unique flavor combination. My favorite part of the nachos was the kimchi, which tasted tart yet refreshing. I admire how the Seoul Taco chefs were able to successfully add Korean flavors to a Mexican dish and make it taste great.

One Uni student, Joanna Yoo, responded the following after being asked what she thought about Seoul Taco: “It’s really great. It has a good vibe and the interior design is very colorful and unique. The people there are very nice and helpful. There’s always good music playing, and the food tastes really good. I really like the restaurant overall.” Other students responded similarly.

Overall, I highly recommend Seoul Taco to Uni students that are looking for something new to try on campus. The exterior and interior design looks nice, the food tastes great – what more could you ask for?