Watson’s Chicken Food Truck review

Students who frequently go on campus to eat lunch may have noticed Watson’s Food Truck, instantly recognizable by the bright red chicken on the side of the vehicle. Watson’s Food Truck is known for selling an assortment of fried chicken sandwiches and tenders, as well as fried fish and tofu sandwiches. They also serve a variety of comfort-food-style side dishes, including mac and cheese and green chili queso. As an avid fried chicken lover, I have always been curious to taste the dishes Watson’s has to offer. I recently had the opportunity to check it out myself. I ordered the Classic Fried chicken sandwich and the chicken tenders, both of which automatically include waffle fries. 

First, I tried the chicken tenders. I decided to get it with their Comeback Sauce and their homemade black pepper ranch. The tenders were crispy and juicy, and paired perfectly with the dipping sauces. The Comeback sauce, which is a tangy, seasoned mayonnaise, was slightly spicy and very creamy. The black pepper ranch was much better than any store-bought ranch that I’ve had. It was garlicky and had the perfect hint of black pepper flavor. Furthermore, it was light in texture instead of being thick like many ranches are. You have the option to make your chicken tenders extra-spicy. I have not had them but my sister has ordered them in the past, and claim them to be the chicken tenders she has had. If you do order them, keep in mind, they do not skimp out on the spice. However five chicken tenders, which comes with two sauces and waffle fries, are fifteen dollars, which is more expensive compared to other chicken tender prices in the area. But Just this dish itself was very filling.

After my sister and I shared the chicken tenders, I moved on to the sandwich. It had two large pieces of fried chicken, topped with pickles, coleslaw, and mixed greens as well as mayo, all served on a brioche bun. This combination of diverse ingredients paired together beautifully because of the varying textures. I was very pleased when I learned that each dish included waffle fries. The waffle fries were the best I’ve ever had! My favorite part was that they were not plain: they were spicy and savory. I enjoyed dipping them in the ranch and Comeback Sauce, and they were crispy and hot. Similar to the chicken tenders, the pricing runs a bit on the pricier side. My sandwich costs thirteen dollars, and all the other sandwiches on the menu are also either thirteen or fourteen dollars. The sandwich was also filling so I would say it’s worth it especially if you are going to eat it fresh. 

Overall, I highly recommend Watson’s Food Truck to anyone craving a perfectly fried, flavorful chicken dish. For those who are looking to spend on a budget, this might not be the place for you but if you are looking for a delicious, filling meal I would recommend giving this food truck a try. As with all foods, the fried chicken is best fresh, so try to eat it right away if you can. I am very glad I had the opportunity to visit Watson’s Food Truck and I will definitely be going there again.