Juanito’s Tacos food truck review

Brandon van der Donk, Writer

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With a diverse selection of Mexican food on the menu, Juanito’s Tacos is rapidly gaining popularity among Uni students. For those who have yet to eat at the truck, it is located on Matthews near the Springfield intersection, and is definitely worth a try. Offering the likes of tacos and quesadillas, with numerous choices for meats and fillings, many students will find something to appreciate on the menu. The truck offers vegetarian options as well, consisting of the Veggie Zone (vegetable burrito or quesadilla), the Taco Veggie Salad, and Mexican Corn in a Cup (corn, mayonnaise, cheese, and chili powder).

Although it may not always be the healthiest option, the food usually tastes great, and is relatively affordable too. Providing large portions and reasonable prices, food from Juanito’s Tacos is often a good deal when compared with other nearby food trucks. For example, a large box of nachos is only $7.00, tax included.

The truck also occasionally holds special events, providing customers with discounted or even free food items or drinks. In addition, frequent customers are sometimes given discounts, free sodas, or other benefits.

However, the primary issue with the truck is consistency. Alternating between several chefs, food quality can vary drastically by the day. While it is usually very good, there is an enormous disparity between the best and worst food from the truck.

A smaller issue is that the truck doesn’t take names for orders, leading to occasional confusion between people who ordered the same item. Customers have to keep an eye out for their food, while also ensuring that it is indeed theirs.

Despite these problems, Juanito’s Tacos is a great lunch option for Uni students, contending with – if not surpassing – competitors like Cracked and Einstein Bros Bagels.

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Brandon van der Donk, Writer

I am currently a sophomore at Uni. In my free time, I enjoy playing soccer and watching TV.

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Juanito’s Tacos food truck review