E=Einstein’s Bros. Bagels

Einstein’s Bros. Bagels is a bakery inside of Siebel that many students go to for breakfast and lunch. The general consensus is that the food there is pretty decent, but for some people it can be overpriced. Others would rather just go somewhere else for food.

Senior Daniel Ramkumar goes there once a week. “I buy the bagels and cream cheese,”  he says, but he doesn’t buy the coffee. He rates the food as “good.”

Junior Izzy Gray also goes there once or twice a week, but only buys their pizza bagels. At the price of $5.79, he said that the bagels “are almost like a complete meal” and “they’re worth it.”

On the other side of the spectrum, senior Anupam Sharma believes that, while Einstein’s is close, it can be overpriced, which led to him to stop going there. He also rates the coffee as “good,” but he says that he prefers Espresso Royale.

Despite the mixed views, if you are really hungry, and are looking for good food with moderate prices, Einstein’s is the place to go.