Donuts, ultra-marathons, and math: Get to know Ms. Smith

May Yang, Editor

September 10, 2018

This school year Uni welcomed Erin Smith, who will be teaching the Math 2 and Advanced Topics classes. Prior to coming to Uni, Smith taught at Next Generation Middle School, Parkland College, Bismarck-Henning High School, and a h...

Students’ thoughts on humblebragging

Maher Adoni and Abraham Han

May 30, 2018

Humblebragging: you may not know what it is, but you’ve heard of it, you’ve seen it. Maybe it was some subbie complaining about their 93 on a Latin exam. Perhaps one of your friends was downbeat because of their 89 in Biology....

Mr. Bild and Merf’s retirement celebration

May Yang, Elisha Ham, and Minji Choi

May 20, 2018

On May 16th during Uni Period, students of all grade levels gathered in Room 109 to enjoy cupcakes and time with their beloved teachers, Merf and Mr. Bild, both of whom will be retiring this year. During the event, students ate ...

Girls soccer season comes to an end

May Yang, Writer

May 14, 2018

On Friday, the Uni High girls soccer team played St. Thomas Moore in the regional finals. The final score was 1(Uni)-3(STM), with Uni’s right midfielder Macheila Anderson scoring off of a penalty kick. Uni had won their pre...

NAHS Mr. Bild drawing contest

May Yang, Writer

May 9, 2018

During lunch on Wednesday, Mr. Bild chose his favorite entries out of the many submitted in honor of his retirement as the winners of the NAHS (National Art Honor Society) Mr. Bild Drawing Contest. The winners of the contest were...

Students report academic pressure at Uni

May Yang, Staff Writer

March 14, 2018

At a school with a strong emphasis on academic success and rigor, academic pressure is found in nearly all students. Most students report experiencing large amounts of stress and anxiety along with these feelings. Many Uni st...