Donuts, ultra-marathons, and math: Get to know Ms. Smith

This school year Uni welcomed Erin Smith, who will be teaching the Math 2 and Advanced Topics classes.

Prior to coming to Uni, Smith taught at Next Generation Middle School, Parkland College, Bismarck-Henning High School, and a high school in Indianapolis.

Smith said she teaches her classes with both traditional and new styles. She likes to have a “…student-centered approach” but also wants to incorporate “…some different activities that involve both student interaction and teacher-leading.”

She added, “I like to do some different things with concepts for tests where students can show me they understand material using a concept mastery, which is basically some type of way where they tell me they understand the material.”

Much like the other teachers in the math department, Smith will be using the Standard-Based Grading system.

“Generally, before big tests, I do review sessions in the morning, and I’ll bring in donuts for the students that choose to show up before school starts to review,” Smith said, naming one of her favorite traditions.

Smith said, “I want students to remember to ask questions, and [to not] be afraid to get something wrong…  my goal is that [the students] increase their mathematical understanding from the beginning of the year to the end in whatever [class] they’re in and that they have fun.”

In addition to teaching math, Smith mentioned that she was a marathon runner as well as an Ironman. She completed an Ironman triathlon last October which consisted of a “2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bicycle ride, and full marathon.” Smith also runs ultra-marathons.

Uni students and faculty alike are happy to welcome Smith.