Uni sports team dominates the season

Sports Update

Girls Soccer

During the middle-late period of the girl’s soccer season, the team has accumulated 7 wins with 6 losses, making up a near 54% win rate. Their last game was on April 28th against Authur Christian High School and they managed to secure a victory of 6-1. On many occasions, the girl’s soccer team won by large margins, and with a potential 5 games left of the season, the girls face off with great strides against their adversaries.

Boys Tennis

The Boy’s Varsity Tennis team is leading this season with a win rate of 70%. Out of the 10 games played, 7 were won. On two occasions, the Boy’s Varsity Team defeated the opposing schools with large margins. Against Washington High School, the score was 8-1, and for the game versus Paris High School, it was a staggering 9-0. A quote from the captain of the Varsity Team about their next match against Danville: “Last year we beat them, so, it should be a pretty easy match.” There are only  8 more games left and potentially 3 more for the IHSA finals. With the past win records, the season looks bright.

Track & Field

While the sport of Track and Field has no definition of “winning,” it is based on a point system. Every event has certain requirements to fill, and the best in that category gets varying points. For boys and girls, they are separated into two different teams. Adding the total rank numbers, the boys have similar scores to the girls; they both have three 1st places and some outliers. Both teams scored 1st in the East Central Illinois Conference (ECIC), nearly doubling the points of the second-place team.

The next few meets, games, or events will leave their opponents running for the win!