Zoom Rooms: Low-key a genius

Kevin Chen’s workspace

Welcome back to installment two in Zoom Rooms: Low-key a genius! The workspace being showcased is that of sophomore Kevin Chen, and it’s a pretty far cry from the last installment’s central theme. Leagues neater, for sure, and with a simple, ingenious setup. Seriously, I’ve been wanting to take a page from Chen’s book since I saw this, but unfortunately, I’m hard pressed to find a whiteboard that fits the shape of my desk.

That’s the focal point of this one in my opinion – the whiteboard covering most of the surface of the desk. Originally, Chen kept the board propped up on the wall and would take it down to use, but said he eventually turned it into the desk surface to write directly on it.

Chen uses it for a multitude of purposes – jotting down temporary notes, working out math problems, and of course, I’m required to mention copying flowcharts over and over. Seriously, if I invested in one, I’d be saving so much paper (and a lot of wrist cramps, writing on white boards is significantly less straining).

Chen also makes good use of the monitor at the corner of his desk, saying “I can have it mirror my laptop to watch TV on a larger screen, or I can have it act as its own screen, where I can have other applications open on it and it’s just really convenient”.

Another eye-catching aspect of the workspace are the blue sticky notes up on the wall in front of the desk. Chen uses the notes as reminders, saying most are for AP chem and listing things to do or where to find certain material. He also mentions that the location of the sticky notes makes it hard to ignore or miss, and he can see what he has to do every time he looks up.

Overall, Chen boasts a well put-together workspace, with lots of little genius additions that I would love to copy or take inspiration from. Once again, if you have your own workspace you want to share, please email me at mjvdd7@gmail.com.

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