Zoom Rooms: Comfortable organized chaos

Welcome to the very first installment in the Zoom Rooms series, where I, Maxine van der Donk, will be presenting some of the various workspaces of us Uni students! As a quick intro, this series will have new installments hopefully every 2 or 3 days, which will include a photo or two of people’s workspaces, plus my very helpful commentary and information from interviews with the submitters of the chosen photos. If you would like to submit a photo of your own, please email it to me at mjvdd7@gmail.com. Without further ado, let’s get into the story!

Maxine van der Donk’s workspace                            Zhaohan Sun’s workspace

We’re starting the series off with one of my favorite setups – comfortable organized chaos! You can probably tell Zhaohan Sun and I didn’t quite follow Dr. Majerus’ advice to separate the workspace and the relaxation space, given that both of us use our beds as a main workspace, coupled with a rather messy desk.

The main appeal of the bed as a workspace is the comfort it offers. With a desk nearby, we can easily switch back and forth if we need a steady surface to use. With the fluctuating temperature lately, Sun and I agree that cold mornings are even more of an incentive to stay in bed to work, and even for Zoom calls. Laziness is another definite contributor, especially right after you wake up and don’t want to go anywhere.

Of course, while both of us will vouch for the superior comfort of the bed, we were also both forced to the workspace due to having no other place to work. My parents and brother have taken over the communal areas of our house, and Sun states that his room is the only place his little brother can’t get into, giving him some nice peace and quiet.

However, both Sun and I find there’s a fine line between messy comfort, and being too messy and too comfortable, where it can occasionally start to affect our work productivity. From getting distracted to just passing out in the middle of working, there’s a reason this setup is not exactly recommended.

Still, the two of us are managing so far, and I’m sure many other fellow students have similar workspaces – whether their bed, a couch, or something similar. If you think you have something else interesting or fun to share, remember to email me at mjvdd7@gmail.com.

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