Kicking off the cross country season

The cross country season is off to a great start. Although new seasons mean losing seniors, a flurry of fresh feet have come in.

Six seniors graduated in 2018, but senior Anika Kimme says seven new freshmen have joined the girls team alone.

Kimme mentions promising freshmen on both the boys and girls teams.

“Erin Smith was All-State mile in track and I’m excited to see how she does in cross country,” she says.

As for the boys, Kimme says both Henry Laufenberg and Ian Evensen look promising.  

The cross country team is known for being a close-knit team with great chemistry; however, new recruits sometimes take time to bond with the rest of the team.

Kimme explains how “it was hard at first with all the new freshmen, but we have started to mesh well and hopefully will get closer.”

The cross country team has pasta parties where the team bonds, as well as morning practices where people bring muffins and baked goods for after, to further increase the team bond.

Kimme talks about team goals for the season, such as getting the entire girls varsity under 21 minutes for each three mile race.

With the team being back to 1A, the team would like to make it to state for the girls, and place well at state for the boys.

“We want to remember to run as a pack during meets, and try to make the time differences in the varsity squad smaller,” Kimme says, “but I’m excited for the season so far.”

The cross country team seems to be in good shape and are on their way to an amazing season. Best of luck to our Uni runners on their upcoming meets September 11, 4:30 p.m at the U of I Arboretum, and September 15 in Tuscola.