Girls’ soccer season has begun!

Kristine Wang, Staff Writer

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Last week, the Uni girls’ soccer team commenced practice. This year, like every other year, the team will have to adjust since they lost quite a few seniors who graduated in 2017. But unlike the other years, the number of players this year is small.

Sophomore Nicole Southey said, “We only have maybe 24-26 girls and you need 11 on the field and you need two teams. (…) What’s probably going to happen is there are going to be a lot of splitters.”

Although numbers are small, there are quite a few new faces on the team this year.

Southey said, “We have some freshmen coming up who are probably also really good.” She mentioned that freshman Danielle Burgstrom, an experienced player, would be joining the team.

“We just need a few weeks to get the hang of things and then we’ll be okay,” Southey confidently said.

Senior Michelle Kim is also optimistic about the season. She was thrilled to hear that a lot of people are excited to play and believes that “if everyone has the drive for it, it’s going to be a good season”.

The team seems to be in good shape, undeterred by the lack in numbers. Best of luck to our girls’ soccer team during the upcoming season!


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Girls’ soccer season has begun!