Girls soccer team kicks up victories

The girl’s soccer team has got the ball rolling on a great season. So far the team has won six games, lost seven, and tied two. Junior Kathryn Dullerud, one of the team captains, says the season has “been going pretty well.”

This year, the team has suffered from a lot of sickness and injury, especially within the senior players. Dullerud says it’s been “pretty hard to fill their voids” but they’ve brought up some younger players. Despite the mix of ages on the team, players are getting along well.

Sophomore Victoria Kindratenko says that, “there’s definitely a bond between the upper classmen and the under classmen.”

Even though the varsity team is pretty new, Dullerud says they have begun to find their rhythm.

“As the season has gone on we’ve kind of found what works better for us and what doesn’t. We’re still kind of playing around with formation (…) but I think we’ve come a long way since the beginning of the season.”  

Kindratenko commented, “We definitely communicate more on the field and we are more used to who plays what position now and we’re getting used to one another.”

So far, the highlights of the season have been beating Judah with only nine players (the “nifty nine”), tying with STM, and fun bus rides with team.

The girls have a few more weeks left in their season and will try and go as far as they can in the state series.

“We can continue to improve by working hard in all of our practices and always supporting each other no matter what,” says Kindratenko.

Upcoming games:

5/04/17→Uni vs. Warrensburg-Latham @ Warrensburg-Latham @ 4:30

5/09/17→Uni vs. STM @ STM @4:30 (Regional semifinal)