Fun recipes to try at home

Serenity Lilly

April 19, 2020

Send in your favorite recipes and we'll publish them!   Hummus:  1-2 cloves garlic A handful chopped parsley 2 chopped scallions  1 can chickpeas ¼ cup chickpea liquid 2 tablespoons tahini ¼ cup le...

The Doors I Walk Through In a Day

Serenity Lilly

March 12, 2020

Every day I encounter so many doors and don’t give any thought to it. I don’t process what the door looks like, how the handle feels, how easily it opens, etc. I just try to get to where I need to go and the door allows me in...

How student government works at Uni

Serenity Lilly

December 11, 2019

At the end of each year we all shuffle up to the attics to elect the next Student Council (StudCo) and Student Faculty Advisory Committee (SFAC) representatives. The next year the new reps get to work. But what do they do exact...