The Doors I Walk Through In a Day

Every day I encounter so many doors and don’t give any thought to it. I don’t process what the door looks like, how the handle feels, how easily it opens, etc. I just try to get to where I need to go and the door allows me in. 


I went around photographing every Uni door I open/close in a typical day. I did this in an effort to be more aware of my surroundings and hopefully discover new things about the doors in my life. 


I also rated each door and gave an in depth explanation for my rating as part of being more aware. Hopefully these photos will inspire you to appreciate the simple things in life like a quiet hinge or a working lock.


I rated each door out of 40 (40 is highest score, 0 is lowest) based on four main criteria: appearance, creativity, what lies behind the door, and lastly overall performance. Please note these ratings are not objective and I apologize for my poor photography skills.