Uni’s first-ever Alumni Agora promises to be interesting

On Thursday, April 6th Uni will be hosting its first ever Alumni Agora. Alumni will come and “hold classes for Uni students in order for them to talk about what they did after high school, where they went from here,” says Christopher “Fing” Guyotte.

The Alumni Agora will work similar to regular Agora Days in terms of signing up for classes. However, it will only be on one day for three periods. The periods will last as long as normal classes (45 minutes), and there will be 10 minute passing periods between each one. Regular classes that day will be 25 minutes long and the Alumni Agora will begin at 12:40.

There are many different classes taught by a variety of alums such as doctors, lawyers, peace corps volunteers, etc. The classes range from “Life as a teacher and how I ended up back at Uni” taught by Mr. Leff, “Trumpish”, and “Fake it till you make it and other life strategies from an utterly average Uni graduate.”

The Alumni Agora was started by the Uni High Alumni Association. According to Guyotte, the association, which was created last year, advocates and fundraises for Uni. The association was inspired to create the Alumni Agora as a way to make connections with Uni.

The Alumni Agora will give Uni students an opportunity to think about their future after Uni.

“It’s a chance for Uni students to connect with and talk to Uni grads who have some experience in the world,” commented Guyotte.

The Alumni Agora will give students a network after they leave where they can ask for advice about going into different fields “because chances are there’s a member of the alumni association who’s already in that field who can give you advice and this [Alumni Agora] is the beginning of that.”

Guyotte is unsure if the Alumni Agora will continue in following years. He and other faculty will gather feedback from everyone who was involved and he hopes that it is something that can happen every year or every few years.