The attics get new chairs

New chairs will be arriving in the North and South Attic sometime in the near future to replace the old chairs which are used during orchestra, chorus, and performances.

On Tuesday Feb. 7, Richard Murphy, Chris “Fing” Guyotte, and senior Jonah Herzog met in the kitchen with a chair company representative to test out new chairs for Uni orchestra and chorus. The music department recently received a donation from an alum, so they are using the greatly-appreciated funds to give the Attics a much needed makeover.

Murphy said that the current chairs in the Attics are quite old, and the replacements would be much more beneficial to the postures of musicians and singers. Guyotte even referred to the current chairs as “slowly dying.” There are a few different models that the music department is seriously considering. One black model is specifically designed to promote good posture in the sitter, but the downside is that it’s extremely uncomfortable for audience members or anyone who isn’t looking to gain good posture. Then there is also a red model and a blue model that are more audience-friendly options.

At first, Murphy was not sure whether the department would get the good posture-inducing chair model or an all-around kind of chair that can fit the needs of musicians, singers, and regular people alike. However, in more recent news, Guyotte said that they will most likely get not one, but two models – one that caters to the needs of Uni students’ postures and one that audience members can sit in without experiencing extreme discomfort.