Students react to the 2016 Presidential Election

This year, the presidential election has been a huge topic in Uni discussion. Now that it has happened, we thought we would ask students about their thoughts on the results.

“I saw an ad online about moving to mars recently, I know where I’m heading after I graduate!” -Sarah Matatov


“I think we’re stuck with him [Trump] so we have to deal with him. But the election made me mad because popular vote, Hillary would have won, but because of the electoral college, Hillary didn’t win and that’s frustrating.” -Anna Troutt

“I think what we need to worry about is not Trump himself, but the supreme court justices he has the power to appoint.” -Jared Rosenbaum

“I think it sucks. I never thought that someone like Donald Trump could be president. He incites racism, sexism and more and I didn’t think that America would elect someone who is like that.” -Daniel Ramkumar