Questions with 2023 Seniors

As our seniors from the class of 2023 wrap up their time at Uni, they answer a few questions looking back on their years at this school.


Favorite memories?


Kara: My favorite memory is being with classmates at the farm taking our senior photo, being with everyone working on painting the house in Clarksdale, the dodgeball tournament, and cross country team bondings.

Navid: My favorite memory is going to Green Street after finals —actually pretty much any finals.

Anuprova: I enjoy lunch and eating with friends. Also, the one time we made brownies during the free period. Also, the spirit assembly this year.

Joey: Going to the soccer games with friends was fun.

Ethan: My favorite memory was probably the subbie retreat because it was one of the first times I got to socialize with the entire class.

Janaki: My favorite memory was Agora days when they thought the school was on fire and there was a dance party in Uni gym.


Favorite outfit?


Navid: Winter Formal outfit

Anuprova: My jeans + red Target shirt

Joey: Light wash bootcut jeans, docs or original vans, and either green crop top or mock turtleneck cropped sweater.

Janaki: My everyday outfit (every day is pajama day)


How did COVID change Uni?


Kara: Block schedules

Navid: I mean when I compare before and after, it feels like we’re getting back to how it was freshman year.

Anuprova: Block schedules

Ethan: For me personally, COVID probably curbed some of my learning, especially in subjects that were introduced during sophomore year, like chemistry, because we never got to perform any of the experiments ourselves. 

Janaki: I didn’t like it freshman year but I feel like people got chill after COVID, and got less toxic. Also, block scheduling was nice.


Favorite lunch?




Favorite class?


Navid: Calculus II/III (with Boca) or US History

Anuprova: Freshman bio

Janaki: Thinking Like a Social Scientist or Questions in Political Theory


Favorite hangout spot?


Kara: CIF

Anuprova: The kitchen

Janaki: The kitchen, the lounge when its empty, first-floor hallway


How has Uni shaped your future goals?


Kara: Uni has shaped my future goals to make sure that I challenge myself and find the best version of myself with people that support me.

Joey: I like bio way more now and want to do something bio-related as a job. Also, I think I became more community oriented. Hopefully.

Janaki: I really loved my social studies classes and got me interested in pursuing it in the future. I also realized through Uni opportunities at the U of I that I really like research, and that’s something I want to do in college.