Uni Celebrates its 2023 Spirit Week

Uni just kicked off February by celebrating its annual Spirit Week. The week was comprised of dress-up days, each with its separate theme.

From pajama day to animal day, students were allowed to mix their everyday clothing with wacky costumes or lazy outfits. While the dress-up days are fun, most of the excitement for the week comes from the Spirit Assembly on Friday.

Each class attended sporting their class colors to support their classmates competing in the various events. From an obstacle course to basketball challenges to a dance competition, the participants of the Spirit Assembly challenges do their best to bring their class victory.

However, as is Uni tradition, only one class truly gets to win each year: the seniors. They are the only class allowed to cheat during the obstacle course and the three-legged race. Though the seniors won the obstacle course, they still, unfortunately, lost the three-legged race.

The ending of the assembly was also a bit disappointing to students: one of the most popular events, musical chairs, was completely cut out. This decision was justified by time being needed for class photos at the end. However, students questioned the legitimacy of this decision as there was still ample time left after the photos were done being taken.

“It was the only reason I came,” said Ethan Roberts, a senior. “I was excited to see my class representatives beat the competition, and I was severely disappointed when it was abruptly cut. Staff members offered no real explanations.”

Despite some of its drawbacks, the assembly still generated a significant amount of cheering and school spirit among Uni students, so it is safe to say that it achieved its goal.


If interested, here is a link to the seniors’ dance, one of the most popular amongst students from the assembly: