Uni High World Language Trips

Uni High’s language programs have been well-known for their international excursions. However, due to COVID, Uni was forced to cancel all of their previous travel arrangements to world countries. These trips typically lasted anywhere from 10 days to three weeks. Before COVID, Uni would make plans to go on the world language trips every two years. During an interview with Madame Lopez, the executive teacher for world languages, it was said that there are plans for both Latin and German to go on the world language trips.

Prior to the pandemic, all world languages would have an opportunity to go on trips overseas during the summer, with the exception of Latin, which would go in the spring. Madame Lopez said that these world trips consist of juniors and seniors with some exceptions for sophomores. Also, with their greater linguistic and cultural proficiency, the majority of travelers are juniors and seniors. In addition, these students tend to be much more mature, making it easier to watch over them. If there is any available space for students, the world language will accept sophomores who are more knowledgeable about the language and culture.

Currently, German and Latin are the two languages that are arranging journeys to take place. The Latin teacher is looking for times next spring, while the German class is planning to go this summer. Since the travel companies Uni is collaborating with have already created arrangements for travelers who contract COVID, these trips will be feasible.

Normally, the French class will have about a three week trip which takes place during the summer. The first week involves a homestay, in which you pay a fee to stay with a local family. After that, students will stay in hostels because they will be moving between cities rather frequently. These hostels not only help students save money but also give them a sense of what life is like as a local.


Courtesy of Brian Lauthen, Madame Lopez, Frau Robins, Juan Socarras and Mari Innami Porter