Uni lacks healthy options in the vending machines

Everyone always says, “don’t forget to drink water!”. Despite not drinking enough water anyway, I was faced with forgetting my water bottle. Not to mention, I had outdoor soccer practice after school. 

My initial idea was to purchase water from the vending machine. However, my only option consisted of Dasani water, which, in my opinion, tastes more like saltwater. Knowing well that the water bottles at Einstein Bros. Bagels and Espresso Royale would be incredibly overpriced, I was left to wonder about the options of Uni’s vending machine.

With five flavors of Coke, among three other soda-based and sugary drinks, only Powerade and Dasani water are considered healthy. Having only two healthy options out of nine drinks seems outrageous. The lack of healthy options extends to the snack vending machines, which consist of candies, chocolate bars, and chips. Although these may act as great sweet snacks, the very few healthy options provide little for those who need something healthy. Other options for snacks, such as Einstein Bros. Bagels, can be difficult for some students, as it closes at 3:30 pm. Additionally, students may not want to spend so much money at other places. 

Uni should start by removing a few options of soda and candy, and replacing them with healthier alternatives. Another option, implemented by schools around the world, is to have a small store. In addition to having snacks, these stores can also make fruits and vegetables available for students to purchase. This idea comes with logistical hurdles, such as who would manage this store. However, the availability of healthier food at Uni is important to the students’ well-being.