Spring has finally arrived

Spring officially started a couple of days ago on March 20, but all Urbana’s got this week is rain and clouds with humidity at 85% on Wednesday. Spring is supposed to mean baby squirrels and nice weather for walking around campus, but the rain will probably hinder at least our brisk walks around campus. Still, one thing this rain may mean is that the new traction for the stairs may help, given the wetness outside.

Surprisingly, freshman Meher Ghotra likes this weather, at least more than freezing cold weather. She said she’s “actually enjoying it,” and then later corrected herself that she’s only “somewhat enjoying it.” It’s true that for the first time in a while, going outside is a possibility. The weather isn’t nice, but students won’t be dying of hypothermia after about 30 seconds, and since it will be hot and sunny soon, it’s nice to have this time in purgatory.

So, when will spring actually start? At least, the one we know. I’ve checked the weather, and it seems spring is coming up soon! The rain stops after this week, though it’s still humid, with levels around 70%. However, in weeks after that, the humidity levels go back down. Weather predictions aren’t always right, but as of now it seems we’ll get the spring we all want.