Assistant Director Karl Radnitzer promoted to Associate Director


Uni Director Elizabeth Majerus has announced that Karl Radnitzer has been promoted from Assistant Director to Associate Director at Uni.

After the previous Associate Director retired at the end of the 2018-19 school year, the position remained unfilled. Following that retirement, both Majerus and Radnitzer took over new tasks to compensate for the administrative gaps. In October, Majerus decided to submit a proposal to Uni’s liaison at the University of Illinois Provost’s office because she thought Radnitzer deserved a promotion for the work he took on.

As Associate Director, Radnitzer is in charge of the same tasks he managed as Assistant Director but is also officially taking charge of COVID-related responsibilities (along with some others). His promotion comes after 10 years of working at Uni, seven of which were in the Assistant Director role.

Majerus is not planning on finding someone to fill the now-vacant Assistant Director position as Uni shifts from a three-administer to a two-administer system. Looking forward, Majerus hopes to transfer more leadership roles to the faculty. She said it’s “healthier for the school to have more leadership spread out over more people.”