Subbies had a great time over agora!!

Agora was a fun, relaxing break for subbies that also inspired some to teach next year. Despite its limitations being online, it generally succeeded in bringing the Agora spirit to subbies for the first time.


Although Agora would be different without the in-person social aspect, subbies were excited for Agora. There were concerns about how engaging and interesting the classes would be, however upon closer examination of the classes the subbies thought differently. 


“When I (he) looked at the class options, a lot of them seemed very fun and I was pretty excited,” said Bruce Tang. “Going through all the classes, and seeing how the kids would teach them and stuff, I feel like I was excited about that,” said Meher Ghotra.


During Agora, the subbies were also surprised by the efforts and creativity the student teachers showed when teaching their classes. 


“I’d say it went a lot better than I thought it was going to be, and I had a lot of fun,” said Tang. Furthermore, “the students engaged a little bit more in Agora then they do in regular classes, and it was nice to have a break with no homework,” Meher Ghotra.


All in all, Agora was a great first experience for subbies despite the online setbacks. It even inspired some subbies to teach a class in the future!