2019-2020 High School Boys Basketball Season Kickoff


Varsity Coach: Rashod Seaton

JV Coach: Kevin Armstrong, Lucas Stone

Last year’s wins/losses: 4-22

Returning Varsity Players:  Seniors David Sun, Othniel Carr, and Steven Blanke, Juniors Arav Jagroop and Adit Kalsotra, Sophomores Ian Evensen, Ethan Mok-Chih, Aakash Vasireddy

This year’s varsity players: Ethan Mok-Chih , Adit Kalsotra, Ian Evenson, Teo Chemla, Steven Blanke, Aakash Vasireddy, Arav Jagroop, Henry Laufenberg, David Sun, Andy Brown, Othniel Carr, Lucas Wood, Kevin Chen, Ivan Favilla

This year’s JV players: Ryan Wang, Charlie Hechler, Kevin Chen, Adam Zilles, Teo Chemla, Arjun Kala, Eli Khuri-Reid, Noah LaNave, Ekam Ghotra, Max Ludaescher, Lucas Wood, Ivan Favila, Zev McManus-Mendelowitz, John Brownridge

Things to be excited for this year: “I am very excited for the team dynamic to be much more fun than last year. Change is hard, and last year brought many inexperienced players into the world of varsity basketball, a whole new coaching staff, and a very competitive schedule. I believe last year we only returned about 4 points per game from the 2017-2018 team. This year, we return around 30 points per game from the 2018-2019 team. I am also very excited for the coaches and players after all the off-season work they put in over the summer. Our boys went to multiple camps together and had many practices, which did not occur the year before. I know the team has already had one team meal and is working on other ways of becoming closer teammates and better leaders.” – Tim Bicknell (Uni’s Athletic Director)

From the players:

How do you feel about this season so far?

“I feel like we’re gonna lose every game this year, but I also feel like we’re better than the JV team last year, so we’re not horribly bad… I don’t really care about how far we go, but sports are really fun. We tied in soccer this season but it was still really fun… I’m not feeling very confident.” – John Brownridge (Freshman, JV)

“I feel like we have a lot more upcoming talent to produce more; we didn’t have that many varsity level players last year. I think we have a better chance at being successful.” – Arav Jagroop (Junior, Varsity)

How do you feel about team dynamics?

“I feel like our team dynamics are pretty good; we pass the ball around; the freshman are really good friends. The upperclassmen are friendly too and don’t get angry. Our coach also has a good personality.” – John Browridge

“I lost a couple of seniors from last year but I made some new friends this year – juniors, especially. I think we’re more closer with each other this year – we’re more tight knit.” – Arav Jagroop

Do you think having a no-cut policy will impact how you guys play?

“No, I don’t think so. The no-cut policy motivates people to try hard and motivates people to go to practice and have fun. You will try your best to be the best player you can be.” – John Brownridge

How do you feel about the game that’s coming up?

“First of all, I don’t know when the game is. Second of all, I don’t know who we’re playing. I also don’t know if JV is playing. I feel like we’ll do okay and I’m pretty excited. I also don’t feel like I’ll be afraid to shoot or pass.”

“I’m confident that we’re going to do better than last year. If we do our best, we will do well.” – Arav Jagroop

Do you feel like you have an expectation to live up to?

“The coach expects me to know my plays and to be an all around player. If things go as they’re going now, I’m probably not going to be a starter but I don’t think my family’s gonna be disappointed. I’m not as good as other people like Teo or Ryan, so I don’t have a thing that I have to live up to. I’m just going to give it my best.” – John Brownridge

How do you feel about this year’s JV team?

“The JV team is a little weaker than previous years – a lot of freshmen; but I feel like they’ll show a lot of improvement – especially guys like Teo and John.” – Arav Jagroop

We wish the high school boys basketball team best of luck for their season!