Self-Care: A Necessity (Nanopinions)

Mayahuel Malik , Staff Writer

Uni students need to take better care of themselves. At a school with such high levels of stress, self-care needs to be a priority for students to better their mental, physical, and emotional health.

The definition of “self-care” varies from person to person. While nobody is saying you should stay up all night bingeing your favorite show or playing Fortnite with friends, taking some time out of your day or week to do things you enjoy can prove to be very beneficial.

Students of the sophomore class especially have chimed in with various activities they do to take care of themselves; watching Netflix, sleeping whenever possible, video games with friends, exercising, and baking are some of the activities listed when asked about their self-care routines.

Although some people might argue that these activities are not a priority, the idea of self-care is not to take time away from other things you need to do, but instead to cut out time for yourself. Nobody is saying you need to go on a month-long journey to align your chakras, but maybe spending a night watching one of your favorite movies, or calling up a friend might not be a bad idea.

Especially with finals coming up in the next few days, de-stressing is very important. While studying is time-consuming and very important, staying healthy is also important.

So whether that means skipping unnecessary assemblies to eat various ice cream cones from McDonald’s, washing your hair more than once a week, baking and eating all of your baked goods, or going to sleep early, self-care needs to be more prevalent in everybody’s life, especially at a high school like Uni.