New bell system installed

The beginning of second semester always brings changes. This year, that change took the form of a brand-new bell system.

Instead of the traditional bell, the new system consists of a long tone and a ding-dong- listen here. It came alongside a full new intercom system, which better connects the office, classrooms, and Kenney.

“We wanted to change the ringing of the bells, and the intercom system that was installed gave us some options to begin with,” said assistant director Karl Radnitzer over email. “We are looking at different options.”

“It’s different,” said sophomore Alex Hynes. “I think it’s much simpler to just have the bell, and also much easier to hear.”

Mike Adams, however, said he’s heard little feedback. “I honestly have no idea if people like [the tones] or don’t,” he said over email. “Personally, I think they are fine and would think that they would not necessarily need to be changed.”

“We are in the beginnings of understanding and using the system,” Radnitzer said.

“This whole project is a safety issue. We need the ability to communicate better than the old system allowed,” Adams said. “It cost Uni $12 to install. The provost office took care of the rest.” he added.

Both are open for feedback.