Girls basketball 2018 preview

Varsity Coaches: Brad Wilson

JV Coach: Natalie O’Shea

Last Years Wins: 7

Last Years Losses: 17


New Players: Freshmen Fatima Bobat, Dina Hashash, Lara Marinov, Rithika Patnam, Zahraa Rasheed, Anna Park, Ella Greer, Serenity Lily, Ariana Mizan, and sophomore Charlotte Ebel.


This coming season: Something to look forward to this season is the change in the team dynamic since more than half of the JV team is made up of freshmen. The varsity team is also looking good and they hope to win a lot of games. Junior Mary Walker said, “I have really high hopes for this season. Some new, really talented freshmen are on the varsity team now which is great… I think we’ll improve a lot this season.” They’re working well together even as they have many new players on the team. JV has promise too; most of them have never played or it is their second year, but they’re still doing well in spite of that.

There will be about 16 players this season.


Last year’s season: Last year, Coach Brad Wilson joined the girls’ basketball team. The team said he was was a great addition and that last year they were able to build up their teams’ skill and chemistry, and they also won more games than in previous years. Compared to previous seasons, last year was a time of serious improvement, but unfortunately, two players, senior Jessica Valete and junior Kristine Wang, were injured and will not be joining the girls to play this season.


Key to success: Having a positive mentality will be key this season. Seniors Macheila Anderson and Sarah Grosse Perdekamp think that the team should focus on rebounding, carrying out their plays and playing aggressively. Altogether, the girls hope to give it their all and have a great season.

Players that will be missed: Grace Qiu, Michelle Kim, Elle Breen, Sarah Matatov