Student Council has been busy this semester

Recently, Uni has been rethinking its school constitution, questioning whether the rules accurately reflect Uni’s atmosphere. Fine Arts director Richard Murphy explains thoughts about a new constitution have been rampant throughout the administration and the discussion has carried into the student council led by Victoria ‘Tori’ Kindratenko.

Kindratenko is the leader of StudCo, who meet every Thursday during lunch. Student representatives from each class come together and deliberate school-wide issues such as the one above.

“We’ve been working on the school constitution, basically rewriting and stating the guidelines toward different school policies and procedures. We’ve also been working on upping school spirit by decorating the halls and refining Spirit Week,” says sophomore class president Danbi Choi.

These meetings are overseen by Murphy, who serves as the head of student council. He is responsible for keeping the group on task and making sure that decisions are made democratically.

“All in favor?” he would ask, as a major decision was about to be made.

In their latest meeting, the Student Council covered a number of topics, including the date in which the constitution changes will come into fruition. It was finalized to Tuesday, November 20th. The group would come together and begin to officially make the desired changes.  

They were also given a choice as to whether there would be another Big Show performance. The voters gave it a resounding approval. All votes count equally, meaning the treasurer’s is just as influential as the president’s.

The final discussed topic was one regarding underclassmen representatives.

“We were thinking about taking you guys [sophomore and freshmen student council members] to IMSA,” says Kindrakento. She described it as an experience that she had personally grown from and plans to do embark the trip again for the first time in a few years. “I don’t know why we stopped doing it,” she says. All members were interested, including upperclassmen and the trip was tentatively scheduled to take place sometime in March and help give rise to the future of Uni High’s student council.