Three things Uni students want their parents to teach them

Near the end of the semester last year, journalism students were asked to write about ways that the student body, faculty, and parents could change. These three points came up in students’ reflections about how parents could change.

Making mistakes is okay

Many Uni students have some level of obsession with perfection. Uni students often have trouble dealing with obstacles or mistakes, in and outside of schoolwork, and often view them as detrimental failures.

Teach us that mistakes are, in fact, a part of life. Teach us that there is no need to feel so guilty about them, and that it’s really okay as long as we learn, and move on.

Grades are not everything

Uni students excel academically, which comes with its pros and cons. Engaged classroom learning experiences, rigorous and flexible curriculums benefit us in the long run. However, having an academically excelling student body might mean there is more sensitivity, anxiety and stress over grades.

Most students recognize that grades are important. However, also teach us that grades are not absolute. There are many other important aspects of high school and grades are only one of them.

Teach us how to live a balanced life. To perhaps focus on academics, but also to balance aspects such as family, social life, and extracurriculars.

Whatever makes us happy, makes you happy

High school is a crucial time where students learn more about themselves. We find what we like, what we dislike, and what we may potentially pursue in the future.

Teach us that whatever we choose to explore in life, as long as it makes us happy, it also makes you happy.

As students, we need validation and support from our parents, and reassurance that you have our backs. Give us the confidence and security we need to take potential risks, and truly pursue our passions, whatever they may be.