The perks of moving some printers

The third floor printers have been moved to a new location this school year.The printers can now be found next to the third floor stairwell. This location change is set to provide new benefits to Uni.

For years, the printers’ home had been in the WAC lab. This location was less than optimal for making the room a conducive learning environment, as students often used the printers while classes were taking place. The situation often resulted in awkward and sometimes disruptive interactions between students and classes in the WAC lab.

“I like talking to people, so it wasn’t always bad, but sometimes there’d be people coming in complaining about their print jobs to me,” said Joel Beesley, who teaches classes in the WAC lab. “The door opening and closing, people coming in being frustrated because it wasn’t working, then all of the sudden joining our discussions, it was just a difficult classroom environment.”

The printers’ location change could potentially benefit classes in another way.

“It opens up space to the WAC lab itself for hopefully future tables and computer use, or open tables for projects,” said Beesley.

Beesley also pointed out that the location change also benefits the students and teachers collecting their printed materials.

“The printers were moved in order to make it easier for everybody,”  he said.

He said that “the people printing, whether teachers or students, would not be feeling awkward to come into a closed room to obtain their prints” as a result of the change.

Overall, the printers’ location change has made them more accessible for the people of Uni, and was a relatively simple improvement to the school.