The Scholastic Bowl team is hungry for awards

David Sun, Staff Writer

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With the start of the new school year comes the start of the new season for many teams at Uni, including the Scholastic Bowl team. Ranked 23rd in the nation, the team is now heading into their 6th (and most promising) season with the goal of becoming the best team in Illinois and possibly clinching a national title, said captain Tim Cho.

Last season, the team won two out of three state championships. This year, Cho and the other team members are hoping to win it all. However, their road will not be easy. There are three other teams in contention, including IMSA.

The championships will be held next spring, so there will be a lot of time for the team to practice and prepare. Uni’s Scholastic Bowl team competitions will begin at the end of September with their first tournament.

Scholastic Bowl is a competition for all students nationwide. A match consists of two teams of four competing to answer as many questions as possible.

“It’s like Jeopardy,” team member Dylan Bowman described, “except the questions, instead of being ten word sentences, are actually a paragraph. They state clues that get easier and easier.”

When a student believes they know the answer, they can “buzz” (even during reading of the question) and tell the judge their answer.

Members of Scholastic Bowl are not required to know every fact. Most people specialize in two or three subjects. For example, Ethan Ashbrook, a member of the team, covers literature, philosophy, and religion. Bowman is a science and music specialist. Scholastic Bowl covers a large range of topics such as history, literature, science, sports, pop culture, current events, fine arts, etc .

“There’s a thing in there [Scholastic Bowl] for everyone,” team member Maher Adoni said.

Uni’s Scholastic Bowl team has a structure similar to that of sports teams. They have A, B, and C teams, allowing everyone to participate

“They do a good job of easing you into the structure,” Adoni said.  

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David Sun, Staff Writer

I am David Sun and part of the class of 2020. I am #11 on the Uni High soccer team, which is pretty sweet since 11 is the number of many of my favorite...


3 Responses to “The Scholastic Bowl team is hungry for awards”

  1. Maher Adoni on September 12th, 2018 12:26 pm

    this adoni guy seems pretty cool

  2. Tim Cho on September 18th, 2018 1:51 pm

    this adoni guy seems like he should be studying if he wants to get good at this

  3. Jonathan Lau on September 22nd, 2018 8:36 pm

    1. Thomas Jefferson A (Alexandria, Va.) — 448 POINTS (18)*
    2. Stevenson (Lincolnshire, Ill.) — 401 (1)
    3. Beavercreek (Beavercreek, Ohio) — 396
    4. James E. Taylor (Katy, Texas) — 394 (2)
    5. Ladue (St. Louis, Mo.) — 375 (1)
    6. Montgomery Blair (Silver Spring, Md.) — 368
    7. LASA (Austin, Texas) — 321
    8. Canyon Crest (San Diego, Calif.) — 292
    9. Northview (Johns Creek, Ga.) — 273
    10. Hunter (New York, N.Y.) — 230
    11. Lexington (Lexington, Mass.) — 208
    12. Miami Valley (Dayton, Ohio) — 205
    13. Strake Jesuit (Houston, Texas) — 188
    14. High Tech (Lincroft, N.J.) — 173
    15. Rockford Auburn (Rockford, Ill.) — 160
    16. Wayzata (Plymouth, Minn.) — 156
    17. Plano West (Plano, Texas) — 133
    18. Arcadia (Arcadia, Calif.) — 129
    19. IMSA (Aurora, Ill.) — 117
    T-20. Chattahoochee (Johns Creek, Ga.) — 115
    T-20. St. John’s (Houston, Texas) — 115
    22. Detroit Catholic Central (Novi, Mich.) — 113
    23. University Lab (Urbana, Ill) — 107
    24. Richard Montgomery (Rockville, Md.) — 95
    25. Thomas Jefferson B (Alexandria, Va.) — 54

    Rankings were tabulated from a preseason poll conducted at the beginning of the school year. Since many voters were players and coaches from teams listed above, the rankings may be influenced by bias. Voters also drew on performances from the previous season, when Uni was ranked 35th and only placed 51st at nationals. It is important to note that Uni has defeated #15 Rockford Auburn and #19 IMSA in the past. However, these two schools are ranked higher because they have been top contenders at the state and national level for many more years than Uni has.

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The Scholastic Bowl team is hungry for awards