Girls Volleyball shows potential

Charlotte Ebel, Staff Writer

Fall sports season at Uni is just beginning, and although boys soccer is often the focus at Uni during this season, the girls volleyball team is worthy of notice this year.

In recent years the girls volleyball team has been less successful than they would like, but there are reasons to think this trend may come to a halt as early as this year.

The first reason for this is their new coach.

“I think the level of improvement from the beginning of the season to the end is going to be way more than other years,” said team co-captain Gloria Sunderland regarding the coaching change.

“We’ve improved a lot more being with her,” added freshman Rithika Patnam. Freshman Anna Park agreed: “Meredith is intense, but she’s really helpful.”

The second important factor that could be a major game-changer for the girls is the large influx of promising freshmen that have the potential to support the up-and-coming team.

“There’s a ton of freshmen, which is good for future years,” said co-captain Katherine Ahlgren.

Regarding the meshing of the new freshmen and the veterans, Ahlgren added that, “The team bond on and off the court is really good, we all like each other, and we are working well together.”

Working together to achieve team goals is just as important to the team as individual goals. While these goals change from game to game, they all have the same underlying theme.

Sunderland describes their team goals as to “have fun and get kills, have good plays, to not be afraid to really swing at the ball.”

Individual goals are similar.

“I definitely want to get kills, which is spiking the ball and scoring on the other team, and I’ve never played before, never done it in my life before, but that’s an all-time goal,” commented Patnam.

Sunderland and Ahlgren recommend attending senior night on Oct. 16 at Kenney Gym and the game against Judah Christian on October 6 at Judah Christian.