NCSA internships offered to Uni students

This semester, the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) is offering research internships to Uni students that are in good academic standing. NCSA research internships are sponsored by the Frankel Fund, established by Uni alumnus David Frankel (class of 1976), who created the fund to sponsor extracurricular opportunities on the U of I campus for Uni students.

The NCSA is providing internships in the disciplines of computational science, genetics, web site development, writing, and/or movie production/editing. The diversity of opportunities proposed will facilitate cross-disciplinary teamwork.

“They’re wanting to have some people with interest in video production and in writing, and for example, one person edits a film and the other writes a dialogue to accompany it,” David Stone, Uni’s biology teacher and NCSA liaison says.

At NCSA’s Open House on Sept. 7, students listened to scientists describe their projects and ways students could relate to them.

NCSA’s internships have limited availability for this first semester; only 14 Uni students will receive this opportunity. The application process will select dedicated students that are able to outline research plans, deliver presentations on their progress, and write academic reports on their projects.