Uni High dance update: Uni dances toward the end of the school year

Flower Hours

The “Flower Hours” dance will be held on Friday, April 13 at Papa Del’s in Champaign. The dance is not Uni affiliated and will last from 9 p.m. to 12 a.m. Flower Hour was planned by sophomore Neha Aluru and freshman Maher Adoni, who also happen to be two of the leaders of Uni’s Pediatric Cancer Awareness Club (otherwise known as PCAC).

“Because it is unaffiliated, a maximum of two students from other schools will be allowed to attend,” says Adoni.

A $7 admission fee will be taken at the door. All proceeds go towards Danny’s Fund, a pediatric cancer charity based in Champaign-Urbana. Pizza and drinks will be provided at no additional cost. It is an informal dance, meaning casual attire should be worn.

“Parent chaperones will be at the dance as well,” says Adoni.



Prom, Uni’s only formal dance, is scheduled for April 21 from 7 p.m to 11 p.m at the Stone Creek Golf Course (2600 S. Stone Creek Blvd. in Urbana).

Currently, the price for tickets is $50, and they can be bought at the office. (They cost $40 before spring break, but early bird registration is now over.) Everyone planning to attend must get their tickets by April 10.

The theme is “Enchanted Evening” which means “a midnight garden with plants and fairy lights,” according to Tori Kindratenko, Junior class president.

“We will have a place to take photos, we are working on that right now, but people can also take pictures on the balconies,” she stated through an email. The photographer will be Suzy Devries, who specializes in taking senior photos.

Tori also wrote that a buffet-style dinner would be provided by Attie’s Bar and Grill, the restaurant at the Stone Creek Golf Course. KC’s DJ service will be providing the music.

Attire is formal, with no other special requirements.


Freshman Dance (Unnamed)

Members of the Freshman Student Council are currently working on organizing a non-Uni-affiliated dance to be held on May 5. This dance is not to be confused with the PCAC-organized dance taking place this Friday.

“We’re planning on having the dance from 8 PM-11 PM and charging $5 for admission,” says freshman Vice President, Katelyn Barbour. The admission fee would go towards reserving the venue.

Junior Tina Wayne has volunteered to DJ and will prepare a playlist ahead of time.

Nothing is set in stone, but they are currently looking at Urbana Civic Center as a possible venue and are waiting for their response. Uni-affiliated dances have been held at Urbana Civic Center in the past.

The idea of a Uni-affiliated dance hosted by the freshmen was initially shut down by Dr. Radnitzer due to the Prom and other interfering events, as administrators have to be present at every Uni dance. “Dr. Radnitzer [told us we couldn’t have the dance] on any of the dates we chose because administrators [were] busy on all future weekends,” says fFreshman SFAC representative Maher Adoni.

The idea of a freshmen-organized affiliated dance was put aside until two weeks ago, when the idea of an unaffiliated dance came up.“We want to give Uni students, especially seniors, one last final relief before finals and the end of year,” says Freshman President Danbi Choi.

“We think it’s important for underclassmen to have a dance especially while Prom is going on for the upperclassmen,” Barbour said.